SIGA Bike Batteries Series

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The SIGA BIKE POWER AGM Battery is an optimum choice for cruiser, street and dirt motorcycles.

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery technology gives you more performance with a longer shelf life.

SIGA BIKE STRAT Conventional Batteries offer you excellent power at an affordable price. This Conventional Battery delivers 30% more cranking amps than a standard battery. SIGA BIKE GEL Batteries perform better than wet batteries at lower and higher temperatures.
This Batteries will not sulfate, and can be installed on an angle. SIGA Gel technology provide you with a vibration and shock resistant battery that doesn't leak when cracked.
Battery Type AGM Battery Starterbattery Gel Battery
Individualization -not possible- -not possible- -not possible-
Availability 12Volt 12Volt 12Volt
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