Product Series
Description SIGA SOLAR AGM batteries are designed for hobby applications. These AGM batteries offer over several years a reliable supply in many areas at a very good price-performance ratio. Extremely durable deep cycle AGM battery for photovoltaic solar applications. The Phaeton AGM batteries were designed for very hard and regular cyclic operations and are among the highest quality AGM batteries on the German market. SIGA high-performance gel batteries are the non plus ultra among gel batteries. They are extremely powerful and durable. The HELIOS Gel series batteries SIGA offers one of the most powerful gel batteries worldwide.
Batterie Type AGM Battery AGM Battery (extremely cycle-proof) GEL Battery (extremely cycle-proof)
Customization -not possible- -not possible- -not possible-
Availability in 12Volt in 12Volt and 6Volt in 12Volt
Body colors